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Thread: The nade game!! Funniest GG game EVER!

  1. Default The nade game!! Funniest GG game EVER!

    Hey , thought i would post a demo of the funniest GG game EVER...
    if u wanna watch the game, do it , but i was doing shitty at first....but if u wanna get to the reason why am posting this, skip to the 80000 tick!
    thats when most ppl started getting on nade!
    but the REALLY funny part starts at 120000 specially when chickenboy starts crying trying to find a gun bcos EVERYONE IS ON NADE OR KNIFE!!!!
    and at some point after 130 000 tick, 5 ppl knife eachother in a row and theY ALLLLL get their nade...but they got knifed to it doesnt count !
    lol just fuckign LOL for a game...
    talk about suspense:P
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