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Thread: Reduce GG join handicap (VOTE YES NO)

  1. Default Reduce GG join handicap (VOTE YES NO)

    just asking for an opinion here...
    i vote that the handicap for joining should be reduced to the lowest level a player has...
    it is REALLY pissing me off when someone would play their best to get off the shitty guns, while someone can join at the end of the game , with a lv 15, put their focus on only 10 guns instead of 24 and win the game...
    not gonna say names of those ppl bcos i like all of them , but u guys know who am talking about that join late and win most games like that, leave and come back at end of other game...
    or noobs joining with a handicap higher than GD players having hard time in game against other gd players...
    also some ppl try to leave and come back to get lv up, and sometimes u cant prove it unless recorded over a few maps...

    i vote that if someone wants to play, either start at a new game, or join as the lowest lv...
    that is my motion, please vote... so i can report this outcome to zero if possible... thanks
    PLEASE VOTE REDUCE (to wtvr level u feel fit) OR NOT
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    I agree. I sometimes join late but never on purpose, and I usually stay on for a while after. If you don't like joining and being at the bottom, then stay in til the next game. Use the first round as a warm-up. The gungame server I used to play on had no handicap whatsoever for joining late, and nobody complained except when everyone would be on pistols and they'd get awped, but if the handicap is simply minimized then that won't be a problem, and joining late won't give an advantage.


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    I'm all for a complete removal of the handicap, but will settle for a significant reduction.

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    meh, don't care
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    I like the handicap, but if you guys are annoyed by 1 below the mean, fine how bout like 3 below the mean, and call it even

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    I like the handicap, but if you guys are annoyed by 1 below the mean, fine how bout like 3 below the mean, and call it even
    stars .. no negotiating!


    if you are good enough to win GG you are good enough to stay in the lead of people joining with a handicap. If you lose.. shitty luck, try again next time.

    enough said

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    I'd vote yes simply because it would give the people who bitch and moan about everything one thing less to bitch and moan about. I'm getting tired of joining on levels as low as 3, and hearing certain individuals flare up on their microphones about how I apparently deliberately join late to win games. These complains are voiced only against people who end up winning the games, and those same people invariably win by an even larger margin when joining the game at the start of the map, completely invalidating the tearful complaints lobbed against them.

    Those of us who win from a 10 level handicap don't win because we start 15 levels short of you. We win because we can gain 16 levels before you manage to gain even one. That's not going to change no matter which level we join at. It should be obvious to anyone that there's no legitimate advantage, but plenty of legitimate disadvantages to joining with a handicap.
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    Hell no, how else do you think I get off the scout?

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    All goes along with what ZERO posted and MY response to this thread !!!
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    Hell no, how else do you think I get off the scout?
    not sucking

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