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Thread: 017 Strider Hiryu [260] v1.1.5

  1. Default 017 Strider Hiryu [260] v1.1.5

    Strider Hiryu
    Required Level: 260
    Levels per ability: 6
    Item Restrictions: ring
    Flying Dragon: Hold +ability1 to fly, release to land (health reduced).
    Eagle Bomb Drop: Drop a bomb on your enemy (+ability2)
    Kayakujutsu: The art of using fire and explosives (+ability)
    Portal: Press ultimate to save your location, press ultimate again to teleport to your saved location

    • 1.0.0
      • Initial Development Release

    • 1.0.1
      • All abilities have final settings for testing an current bugs patched. Please confirm abilities work.

    • 1.0.2
      • Initial Public release

    • 1.0.3
      • Fixed glitch that allowed for weapons to be droped when using fly in an exact way
      • Patched rare crash bug

    • 1.0.4
      • Updated descriptions

    • 1.0.5
      • Fixed not getting weapons back after flying

    • 1.0.6
      • Fire from wards can no longer kill or damage a player

    • 1.0.7
      • Wards now last after death

    • 1.0.8
      • Improved programing of weapon removal to reduce crashes.

    • 1.0.9
      • Updated to prevent ultimate use if within 30ft of an immunity.

    • 1.1.0
      • Updated weapon removal code
      • Removed redundednt code

    • 1.1.1
      • Race now on RESTORED VERSION
      • Updated to best weapon removal code

    • 1.1.2
      • Updated weapon removal code

    • 1.1.3
      • Now can not enter flight when frozen.
      • New effect for flying.

    • 1.1.4
      • Updated to prevent glitch where you can lose your trail by holding the button down when the round ends and you are still alive and not releasing it at the start of the next round.

    • 1.1.5
      • Initial Release of recoded version.
      • Replaced the useless high jump ability with eagle bomb drop. It targets the player who moved the shortest distance after release.
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  2. Default

    This race is now in the test server for ability testing. For now just make sure that all the abilities work like they should.

    If you need more levels in the level bank let me know and I can reset it.

  3. Default

    I need to know how the wards for this race used to work. How long did they last ect.

    I also need to know about the fly speed how much slower or faster was it than now as a % of current.

    Here is the code for the wards but I can not really figure out from this how they worked:
    block StriderWard
        es_setinfo wcs_userid 0
        es_getargv wcs_userid 1
        es es_exists wcs_exists userid server_var(wcs_userid)
        es es_if (server_var(wcs_exists) = 0) do
            es_getcmduserid wcs_userid
            es es_exists wcs_exists userid server_var(wcs_userid)
        es es_getplayerprop wcs_dead server_var(wcs_userid) ""
        es es_if (server_var(wcs_dead) = "1") then es_setinfo wcs_exists 0
        es_copy wcs_ulti_allow wcs_gamestarted
        es es_if (server_var(wcs_ulti_allow) != "1") then es_setinfo wcs_exists 0
        es es_if (server_var(wcs_exists) = 1) do
            es es_exists wcs_exists key WCSuserdata server_var(wcs_userid)
            es es_if (server_var(wcs_exists) = 1) do
                es es_keygetvalue wcs_tmp WCSuserdata server_var(wcs_userid) "strider"
                es es_if (server_var(wcs_tmp) in "StriderWard") do
                    es_setinfo wcs_ability_count 0
                    es es_keygetvalue wcs_ability_count WCSuserdata server_var(wcs_userid) ability_count
                    es es_if (server_var(wcs_ability_count) > 0) do
                        es es_if (server_var(wcs_tmp) = "StriderWard") do
                            es_setinfo wcs_params 0
                            es es_keygetvalue wcs_params WCSuserdata server_var(wcs_userid) "ability_parameter"
                            es es_if (server_var(wcs_params) != "0") do
                                es es_getplayerlocation wcs_x1 wcs_y1 wcs_z1 server_var(wcs_userid)
                                es_setinfo wcs_duration 0
                                es es_token wcs_duration server_var(wcs_params) 1 "_"
                                es es_if (server_var(wcs_graphicfx) = 1) do
                                    es_copy wcs_x2 wcs_x1
                                    es_copy wcs_y2 wcs_y1
                                    es_copy wcs_z2 wcs_z1
                                    es est_Effect 10 #a 0 "effects/strider_bulge_dudv_dx60.vmt" server_var(wcs_x1) server_var(wcs_y1) server_var(wcs_z1) server_var(wcs_radius) 5 server_var(wcs_duration) 5 5 1 255 250 70 10 10
                                    es_math wcs_z1 + 80
                                    es est_Effect 3 #a 0 "sprites/lgtning.vmt" server_var(wcs_x1) server_var(wcs_y1) server_var(wcs_z1) server_var(wcs_x2) server_var(wcs_y2) server_var(wcs_z2) server_var(wcs_duration) 20 20 10 50 255 170
                                    es est_Effect 11 #a 0 "effects/strider_bulge_dudv_dx60.vmt" server_var(wcs_x1) server_var(wcs_y1) server_var(wcs_z1) server_var(wcs_duration) 1 50
                                es es_getplayerteam wcs_team server_var(wcs_userid)
                                es es_if (server_var(wcs_team) = 2) do
                                    es_setinfo wcs_team_target 3
                                    es_setinfo wcs_team_targetn "#ct"
                                es es_if (server_var(wcs_team) = 3) do
                                    es_setinfo wcs_team_target 2
                                    es_setinfo wcs_team_targetn "#t"
                                es es_token wcs_dmg server_var(wcs_params) 2 "_"
                                es es_token wcs_radius server_var(wcs_params) 3 "_"
                                es StriderWard server_var(wcs_userid) server_var(wcs_duration) server_var(wcs_dmg) server_var(wcs_radius) server_var(wcs_team_target) server_var(wcs_team_targetn) server_var(wcs_x1) server_var(wcs_y1) server_var(wcs_z1) server_var(wcs_roundcounter)
                                es es_tell server_var(wcs_userid) #multi #greenYou have practiced the art of Kayakujutsu
                        es_math wcs_ability_count - 1
                        es es_keysetvalue WCSuserdata server_var(wcs_userid) ability_count server_var(wcs_ability_count)
                    es_else do
                        wcs_getlanguage "wcs_lng" "wcs_lng_noability"
                        es es_tell server_var(wcs_userid) #multi server_var(wcs_lng)
                es es_if (server_var(wcs_debug) = 1) then profile end ability
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  4. #4


    They were blue spheres in the middle and they had a blue ring showing about 70% of the range at the bottom. They dealt 10 damage every second and burned the player for about 10 damage. They could drop 3 at most. The range was just barely larger than a serpent ward.

    The flying was +strider and at max you flew at 300% walking speed. Your gun would be holstered and you had a blue sparkling trail.

  5. Default

    Just from what I remember, flight speed seems about the same (quite fast) and jutsu seems a little stronger than I recall. That might be because I was testing it and don't have adrenaline pumping though.

    The flight no longer has problems with picking up guns while flying. It does not force you to knife, but you can switch and it won't let you use the gun you "see". What it respawns is buggy. It likes to respawn you with whatever main and secondary weapons you had last time you enter FD with one. Including if you went into one with only a secondary and one only with a main. Changing races, teams and map don't clear that cache. Restarting the client changes WHICH cache you're using, and you can grab other people's cache. But two people using it did not have them both on the same cache. Though player 2 did get an old cache of player one's. And grenades get dropped on the ground when you enter FD, and you don't get them back at all. NOTE: I started using cache because that's the first word that came to mind.

    I also don't recall the cooldown on flying dragon.

    Highjump, triggers, gains the minus gravity and lasts until the end of the round. How this compares to previously, I don't know, I ignored the skill

    Portal no longer has the blinding effect when you go back, and doesn't save after the round has ended.

  6. Default

    striders wards are the same as teh shadowhunter wards, you get 3 of them, but they dmg the out put is low, they would set you on fire slowing your movement, and pick away at you. they wernt like shadowhunter wards where they just slam you with dmg real fast. strider was a slow dmg ward/set you on fire + slows you. ill test the fly speed tomorrow and let ya know how it is compared 2 what it used 2 be.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

  7. Default

    the fly is close 2 what it was, I think it was about 10% slower then what it is now.

    portal works fine.

    I was able 2 put my wards down, but have not tested dmg.

    the fly worked... so yeah, race is looking pretty good.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    So to make sure I understand this correctly there is currently a glitch where if you fly you will not get the correct weapons when you finish flying.

    For example you fly once with a degal and then you die. The next time you fly you get a degal?

    From what I see in the code it would appear that if you use fly and have a primary weapon if you use fly again without one you will get the last primary weapon that you had when you flew. If this is exactly what happens let me know and there is a simple fix that I can code in.
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  9. Default

    First, before I start typing what I'm thinking, it's true for both main and secondary, not just primary. It also doesn't keep nades of any sort.

    If you fly you get the following back when you despawn: The primary weapon you had when you last flew and the last secondary you had when you flew. If you died in mid flight and had an AK and a deagle, next round, if you dropped your gun and flew, when you unflew, you'd have a deagle and an AK. If you flew while holding your glock/USP, you'd have an AK and the glock/USP.

    That would solve the problem of it working on later maps too, I hope?

  10. Default

    Yea it should not be too big a problem to fix. When I read the code it was very clear that this is what you would expect to happen given the way that it is written.

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