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Thread: How addicted are you to CS:S?

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    Default How addicted are you to CS:S?

    Self-Explanatory, give results.

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    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    49%, the radio commands one made my laugh, when I was still in highschool 10yrs ago my friends and I used to speak in radio commands all the time. Sometimes I still say 'c1' instead of 'roger' or 'ok'
    These are the words you wish you wrote down.

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    though, a few made me chuckle. the running w/ knives one especially. i play KF, so that one really hit home.

    same w/ the dream one
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    54% now im into COD: BO.... CSS is now on the back burner


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    You are 63% addicted to Counterstrike.

    I have played CS:S for more than 24 hours straight

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    "43. If you were in a 1 on 1 situation in real life would u say knives?" Lmao
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    I am 40% addicted to Counterstrike. What about you?
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    I am 94% addicted to Counterstrike. What about you?
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