Me: Cyber
Banned: The guy in title , STEAM_0:0:13499129
(u will find his details in here:

Asked james if i could ban him, he agreed as long as i have enough proof regarding his shit... but i think that everyone has seen him play before and everyone hated him , specially kavinski, leroy, myself, brian and carina (who both can vouch about all the following things) and that the shit can be posted progressively demo by demo.

ban duration : permanent (and not enough!)

Reason : Bypassing a previous ban for the following reasons:
1- first and outmost, intentionally crashing the server more than 13 times in a row, under names that are located on his stats, i believe i still have a demo of the crash day somewhere (never deleted anything) and i think kavinski does too. (i didn't know that at that time until too late when i reviewed my demos.)

2- disrespecting admins, clan members and zero himself as well as other members and the community as a whole in various ways (see link above)

3- spraying sprays depicting a guy named "brian" sucking another guy , intended for the ex-admin brian(hence both admin disrespect AND spraying gay porn)

4- deliberate team killing to piss off some people, as well as imitating other player names and disrespecting them in their names (go to his stat page and read his names)

5- broadcasting on other servers that the ibis community is full of "jews", fags and "niggers" and that he's been toying around here a long time ago and no one of us "retarded clan members and admins" seem to understand the big picture yet (that he is toying with us,including the crashes).

6- he was accused of what i believe was wallhacking, but never conclusive (but if he was crashing the server everytime he joined, wouldnt surprise me)

7- honestly he was a pest before, he befriended me acting all friendly, and i told him to cool down a lot. it was one day when he really started to become unbearable that i gave him a 5 minute break, and all hell broke later.

8- not to mention trying to bypass the previous ban i warned him of, by changing his name and joining after a couple months acting like nthn happened. but i knew smthn was fishy about him, until i ran his steam id and found a match with my old ban request.

i am seriously requesting to hold this ban active and extend it to all servers of ibis... a guy like this doesnt even deserve to play here. He has broken too many rules and worned a LOT. Heck even rapedollars muted him permanently before once i believe for being too cocky and annoying, and i'm not sure what happened after that... i tihnk its about time we start to filter the bad apples...

as for the demos, i will be looking for the crash demos, and ask carina and brian and kavinski if they can post their shit as well. but lets face it , i think it is sufficient to show the names used by the guy in his stats page, and zero can trace to when the names were used and see that subsequent crashes happened on the same night a lot (there was a thread about the server crashing that day in ban request, check timing there)

Sorry for long post, wanted to be convieniently thorough so that this guy stands no chance of coming back and disrupt our servers.